Emergency 9-1-1
(609) 882-1313

Alarm Registrations

Ewing Township Council passed an ordinance that requires the registration of all alarm systems. It also allows those without alarm systems the capability of preregistering their emergency information with the Police Department, before an actual emergency occurs.

The Police Department will issue an Emergency Services decal to all who register. This decal is to be conspicuously displayed on the front door or window nearest the main entrance to the residence or business. The decal will alert the responding emergency personnel of your registration number and will allow immediate access to the computer database for information.

Please make sure your residence or business is clearly marked with visible street numbers. This will assist responding emergency services in locating your property.

Registrations can be picked up at Ewing Police Headquarters. If you need further information call 609-882-1313.

Penalty for failing to register an alarm is a maximum fine of $500.00. There is NO COST to register your alarm.


85-2. Registration.

  1.  All alarm systems shall be registered with the Ewing Township Police Department on the form prescribed by the Police Department.
  2.  All persons without alarm systems desiring to register basic emergency information with the Police Department may so register on the form prescribed by the Police Department.
  3.  Buildings containing more than one alarm system operated or maintained by separate Emergency Service registration users shall register each alarm separately.
  4.  No person shall install, operate or maintain any alarm system unless the alarm system has been registered with the Ewing Township Police Department.
  5.  Each registered emergency services registration user shall notify the Ewing Township Police Department of any change in the information provided on the registration form within 10 days of the change.
  6.  Registration of alarm systems on leased premises shall only be issued upon receipt of written authorization by the owner of the premises.
  7.  An emergency services registration number and registration decal shall be issued to each registered emergency services registration user.

Alarm Registration Form