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The Ewing Police K-9 Unit puts on demonstrations for events, community groups and programs like our Kid's Police Academy.  If you would like to invite one of our K-9's and their handlers to your event or meeting, email policek9@ewingnj.org

We will check on the availability of a K-9 Team for your date.  Because we are constantly on-duty and serving the community our time is limited.  But, we will make every effort to stop by and say "Hello". 

Ewing Police K-9 Unit

After extensive research and planning, the Ewing Police Department established a Canine Unit in December of 2004. The unit was funded by money from the Department of Homeland Security.  The unit began with one K-9 team, Officer Carmen Giovacchini and his partner Pyro. Since its inception the unit had continued to expand in our continued efforts to provide the best service possible to the citizens of our community. 

The Ewing Police Department currently has four K-9 teams.  All of our dogs are cross trained in patrol & tracking along with either narcotics or explosive detection.

The Patrol K-9 Unit is a uniformed subdivision of the Police Department’s Patrol Bureau. Officers are assigned to a Patrol Platoon and answer calls like regular officers. When a situation occurs that can benefit from the special abilities of a canine team, they are then assigned to assist with the situation. One of our officers that is assigned to the K-9 Unit has undergone rigorous training in order to be a certified canine handler trainer.

Types of Searches

Building Searches are usually done when there is a burglar alarm, a building door is found open, or a window is found broken possibly from a person who broke into the building with the intent to steal property located in the building. It is dangerous for a police officer(s) to search a building. The dogs are better equipped to locate a burglary suspect without putting police officers in danger. The handler warns anyone in the building to come out before sending the dog inside.

Area Searches
 - A dog can search a designated area faster and more thoroughly then an officer can. The K-9 teams do area searches to locate evidence, articles, or in some cases, lost children.

Types of Detection

Narcotics Detection - The dog's sense of smell is over 400,000 times greater then a human being. For this reason, they are especially suited to the detection of narcotics. One of the Ewing Police Department's dogs are trained to locate heroin, crack cocaine, cocaine, and marijuana. The dog scratches at the location when he locates any controlled substances. He can locate small amounts as well as large amounts of narcotics. When the team locates narcotics, they can in most incidents, confiscate for forfeiture money, cars, and other valuables which are deemed proceeds from drug dealing. This money is used to further advance narcotic enforcement.

Explosive Detection - As far as explosives are concerned, our Explosive Detection K-9 teams are able to detect over 13 specific explosives.  These explosives include both commercial and military grade explosives.  We do not list the actual explosives due to security reasons.  We do not wish the bad guys to know what we can locate. Our K-9’s in addition to explosives also have the ability to detect Firearms.  This additional detection ability is due to the K-9 having the ability to detect gun powder.  And of course they are great at detecting food, so be careful where you leave your lunch or snack when our wonderful hardworking K-9’s are in the area. 

Tracking can be used in two situations. Most often the canine team uses the dog's smelling ability to track the path and apprehend the criminal that escaped on foot. Sometimes the team finds articles dropped by the criminal or establishes other investigative leads that can assist the officers in their investigation. The canine team can also be used to locate lost children or adults.

Obedience - The dogs are trained in the basic obedience skills such as heel, sit, bark, lay down, etc.  The dogs are further trained to protect their handler and patrol vehicle. When the handler is out of the car, his K-9 partner never takes his eye off the handler and will immediately come to the rescue of his handler/partner when necessary.


  • A dog’s sense of smell is 200-400 times greater than a human’s

  • Dogs can smell a human buried up to 12 feet underground

  • Dogs can distinguish between identical twins

  • German shepherds can search an area four times faster than a human

  • Dogs identify by scent first, then voice, then by silhouette

  • Police K9 units were first implemented in NYC & NJ in 1907