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     The Youth and Family (Juvenile) Bureau handles a wide range of responsibilities involving the young people of the community. The Juvenile Detectives receives additional specialized training in dealing with juvenile offenders. In many instances, juveniles are dealt with through available diversionary programs aimed at educating youthful offenders rather than incarcerating them. The hope is that a spirit of positive interaction among the police and our young people will help foster principles of Crime Prevention through Intervention.  The Juvenile Detectives are also available to assist parents with resources relating to incorrigible children and family crisis.

     Juvenile Detectives have a close working relationship with the Township Schools and the School Resource Officer.  The Juvenile Detectives encourage the sharing of information with members of the public. Many investigations are initiated as well as solved through this type of cooperative effort.


     Juvenile Detectives are typically available Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 4:00pm. At all at other times, detectives are available through an "on-call" status to respond as needed.


      Juvenile Detectives also are the Domestic Violence Liaisons with the Mercer County Prosecutor's Office.  One of the Juvenile Detectives takes care of all Megan's Law Registrations and notifications.


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