Training Bureau









    The Ewing Police Department believes that by providing quality training to our officers we will raise the standard of service to the citizens we are obligated to serve.


    The in-service training of police officers has always been encouraged.  Continued law enforcement education will enable an officer to perform more efficiently and more safely, and is essential in limiting liability in civil actions arising from officer’s activities. 


    Some in-service training is mandated by the county prosecutor, the Attorney General or through various state or federal statutes or rules.  This paper identifies those mandated in-service training programs that apply to law enforcement personnel in the state. 


    There are a limitless number of topics for in-service training including new laws, court decisions, internal policies and procedures and defensive driving.  Although there is merit to this training, there are no mandates identified for requiring this additional training.  The agency chief must determine what additional training is appropriate for the department in light of availability of resources.










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