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     The Ewing Police Department encourages all township residents to voluntarily register their home surveillance cameras and video doorbells with the police department.  Registering your cameras will allow the Ewing Police Department to build a database of camera locations throughout the township.  Registering your camera will not provide direct camera access to the Police Department, but simply alert us to the presence of the camera.   

      All of the information collected in the registration process will only be available to officers of the Ewing Police Department.  You do not give up any of your privacy rights by participating in this program.  Having this information will allow officers to locate potential evidentiary video and contact the homeowner for a copy in a quick and efficient manner.  We have a high success rate of identifying suspects in cases where we have video evidence.  This effort will make our town safer as we leverage the excellent video quality of the popular home surveillance camera systems. 

      The owner of the home surveillance system is not obligated to provide anything. By voluntarily registering with the Ewing Police Department, you are implying that you may be willing to help. You donít have to be afraid in the event you cannot share footage because of personal reasons or system malfunction. No citizens would ever be held liable for a lack of footage, as this program is voluntary with township residents consensually allowing us to view their footage when asked or offered.  We expect that by volunteering for this program, citizens are willing to share their footage when appropriate.

       Voluntarily registering your home surveillance cameras will have several benefits:

  • Decrease in crime due to deterrence - increased likelihood of being caught.

  • Decrease in crime leads to increase in property value for homeowners.

  • Decreased crime leads to increased local economy for businesses.  Patrons will want to visit more and, in turn, spend more money at local businesses, which means more jobs for the local economy.

  • Saving tax dollars by reducing the time spent on investigations.

      The program provides the benefit of being able to serve your community.  If a crime occurs in your area, you should want to do anything you can to make sure that those responsible are caught and that it does not happen again.  Voluntarily registering your home surveillance cameras provides you with a very simple and nearly effortless way of doing this.

Frequently Asked Questions

By registering my home surveillance cameras, am I giving the police department access to a live video feed?

      Absolutely not!  By registering you are simply letting the Ewing Police Department know that you have home surveillance cameras that may be useful in the future investigation of a crime in your neighborhood.

Does my registering of my cameras obligate me to share my recorded video if asked?
       No.  Registering for the program only indicates that you 
may be interested in helping the police department in the event a crime occurs in your neighborhood.  You will not be held liable for failing to share video if you do not wish to.



Will the police department utilize my home security cameras as part of a surveillance network?
      No.  The police department may contact you in the event a crime occurs in your neighborhood, but the recorded video obtained by your home surveillance cameras belongs to you and you alone decide if you wish to share it. 



Is Ewing township requiring me to register my home surveillance cameras?
       No.  Registration and participation in the program are completely voluntary and you are in no way obligated to participate.


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