The Ewing Police Department Communication Center is the primary answering point for all 911 calls for Police, Fire, or Emergency Medical Services. The Center is staffed at all times with a minimum of two 9-1-1 certified call takers and has the ability to expand up to five total positions. The staff of the center is comprised of 10 certified 9-1-1 dispatcher/call takers, 2 support staff, and 1 supervisor. Additionally 22 Police Officers have been cross trained and certified as 9-1-1 dispatchers. The center also handles all phone calls placed to our main number of 882-1313


     The 9-1-1 center is phase 2 compliant which allows for the pinpointing of a cellular phones location at the time of the 9-1-1 call. The caller’s location is plotted on a map along with the available police units. This allows for dispatch of the closest police unit to the call.


     Computer technology drives the majority of the systems within the 9-1-1center including:


Motorola 500Mhz trunked radio system (digitally encrypted)


Zetron  – 9-1-1 and administrative phone system


Critical Reach Trak System – Amber Alert system


Enforsys Computer Aided Dispatch and Records system


Info-Cop Mobile Data system


Nice Systems phone and radio recording system


WTH Think GIS for mapping calls and

automatic vehicle location


Pictometry Visual Intelligence – additional mapping and geographical plotting


Aimetis Symphony video recording and monitoring system





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