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John P. Stemler III

Chief of Police


A Message from the Chief of Police

     I would like to welcome you to the Ewing Police Department Web Site. The men and women of the Department who serve and protect you on a daily basis are proud of their accomplishments and hope this site will provide you with an overview of our operations.

     The first contact with members of our Department should be a positive experience and hopefully this web page will provide you with first hand information as to the services we provide.

      Only thru an open exchange of information can we better serve our citizens.

     We are professional law enforcement Officers who by training and experience strive to do our job in a fair and equitable manner.

     Our ultimate goal is to constantly keep this site updated with the latest information that may be of interest to you. We want you to visit the site often.

     Please feel free to contact us with your concerns, interests, and suggestions.

     By working together, we can continue to make the Town of Ewing a comfortable and safe neighborhood to raise our families.

John Stemler III

Chief of Police



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